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Portfolio - Web Scraping

Nomad Thinking has been scraping websites for over 10 years, using a wide range of technologies from Ruby, PHP, PhantomJS and now Google Chrome Puppteer. Nomad Thinking has even built out scrapers built for Raspberry Pis! Scraping has come a long way and much of our latest code focuses exclusively on using Puppteer and Axios depending on requirements and performance.

Portfolio - SaaS

Building SaaS projects from ideas into paying customers is something Nomad Thinking has been doing for years. Here are some past projects that have resulted in paying customers.

Portfolio - Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can cover such a wide range for websites. Nomad Thinking focuses on technical SEO diving deep into the details of search combined with the understanding of the technology stack of the website. Nomad Thinking has provided other services such as SEO Audits and SEO Projects, but mostly focuses on Technical SEO. Much of our work deals with clients who have thousands if not millions of pages indexed on the web.