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Bankrate - Technical SEO - Portfolio

  • Working with Bankrate was an exciting project focusing mostly on technical SEO.

    What is Technical SEO you ask?
    Russ Jones provided a good definition at TechSEO Boost in 2018 stating "any sufficiently technical action undertaken with the intent to improve search results"

    Bankrate has a ton of domain authority and high quality pages that get a ton of traffic for hard to rank keywords. Leveraging this asset for search for other keywords was one area of focus. The major focus of the site was on migrations: moving to https, leveraging client-side javascript for content insertion, removing a lot of older content and even launching a new brand on a new domain.

    Nomad Thinking provided a few reports and highlighted a number of opportunities as well as identified issues with crawlablity.

    A redirect mapping report was dynamically created using data provided from Google Analytics, search console, deepcrawl as well as scrapped content from