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Web Scraping - Portfolio

  • Web Scraping Projects come in all shapes and sizes. From scraping 1MM+ web pages to supporting JS rendering to even interacting with the DOM via keyboard and mouse.

    I can't post details of all my past scrapes but here are some samples.

    hourlySERP ability to scrape keywords from Google SERP every hour and trigger emails when changes are detected was a one time use scraper that pulls down authors on seekingalpha

    Puppteer script for scraping 500k+ URLs to extract the article, author, date and # of likes and comments

    Extracted HTML from 135k+ webpage using phantomjs for building a dynamic redirect mapping

    Extract 4k+ Company Details including Name, URL, Career URL and Funding Status

    Script that would take a home address, verify the address and pull down public data of owners, mortgage and details of property